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1104 Elders Ridge Road, Saltsburg

1104 Elders Ridge Road,

Property Description

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Contract details:

  • Creation Date – June 19th, 2009
  • Contract length – 30 year
  • First Payment Paid – July 1st, 2009
  • Final Payment Period – July 1st, 2039
  • Initial Principal Amount – $51,355.18
  • Down Payment Paid – $1,500.00
  • First month Payment – $176.68
  • Payment per Month – $502.53
  • Payments are Due – 1st of each month
  • Interest Rate Used to Calculate Loan Amortization –
    • 12.0% until the home-buyer has paid down the principal to $46,219.66
    • At that point, the loan is re-amortized at an interest rate of 11.0%
  • Reliability –
  • House Quality –

Note to property to be sold with the contract to sell to the home-buyers. All assets and subsequent cash flows will become the purchasers after sale.

Property Details

  • Address: 1104 Elders Ridge Road
  • City:
  • County: Indiana
  • State: PA
  • Zip: 15681
  • Country: United States

Property Features

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  • Total Future Cash Inflows =

    (Number of Payment Periods Left x Payment Received per Period)
    Property Value (If it will be sold)
    Amount of cash that should be received from all future payments buy home-buyer/tenants of a property. Can also include resale value if the investor expects to sell the property in the future to another buyer or investor.

    Visit the Calculating Value in Real Estate Page to learn how to value properties using calculations such as CAPM, NPV, and Capitalization Rate.